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I need to chill with the thirst follows

Here’s a few songs my band recorded a few weeks ago. I’d appreciate if you all took the time to listen. Thanks!

"No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path."

- Gautama Buddha (via purplebuddhaproject)

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We could not say this better than…the following is an excerpt from their piece on Fanny Allie’s, The Glowing Homeless

"It is this ghostlike existence, the state of being absent while being present, which is of interest to the French artist Fanny Allié. ‘The Glowing Homeless’ is an installation of neon tubes which represents the silhouette of a sleeping human. It precisely refers to the figure of a homeless person who chooses to perform the actually intimate act of sleeping amongst the park’s crowd but still stays excluded. He becomes a part of the surroundings of trees, benches and playgrounds and is thus almost invisible. Using the warm glow of the neon tubes, the artist creates an alluring object with the aim to bring light in to the darkness of New York’s parks and to change people’s attitude from avoidance into curiosity so they are drawn towards the figure on the bench. Thus Allié brought an object into being that represents the thousands of homeless that face social exclusion and the troubles of street life every day and night and, without becoming monumental, she also manages to aesthetically confront the difficulties of the ongoing art theoretical debate of the merge of private and public space.”

i met her, she’s so so kind <3


Architects’ Eggs

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For one day last year a town in Central America was covered in 8 million flower petals in a scene which was truly sublime.

While the rain of petals over Costa Rica was all part of a shoot for a Sony advertising campaign, the beautiful display stood out in its own right for the explosion of colour. You can watch this breathtaking campaign here. Organized by international advertising agency McCann, the idea was to cover the area near the Irazú Volcano — located in central Costa Rica — with a flower petal for every pixel in Sony’s 4K Ultra HD TV.

With the help of local residents, the vibrant and colourful flower petals picked from the surrounding regions, took them more than two weeks to pick the 3.5 tons of petals used to flood the streets with colour.

Watch the video.

Photographs courtesy of McCann who enlisted photographer Nick Meek to capture the colourful explosion.

(via darksilenceinsuburbia)